Reporting misconduct

Our business success is not only determined by the quality of our products and services. Above all, it also depends on the compliant and honest behaviour of all employees towards each other, business partners and the public. This is the only way we can prevent damage to our company, its employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Are you aware of criminal behaviour? Help us to take action against violations of the Winkelmann Code of Conduct, laws and internal Winkelmann rules. This includes, for example, theft, corruption, fraud, cartels, but also violations in areas such as occupational safety, labour law (including discrimination, harassment), export control, human rights & environment or other serious misconduct. Your help plays an important role. By reporting serious misconduct, you can help to ensure that it is uncovered and stopped at an early stage, employees are protected and further damage is prevented.

Reports received are reviewed and processed by the Compliance Office and, depending on the type of report, other specialist departments.