Applying to the Winkelmann Group 

Whether you are an experienced professional or a new graduate – we prefer to receive applications online. Here, you will find advice about applying online and useful information about the application process.

How to make a successful application 

In this section, we have put together some practical tips about applying online. Furthermore, we describe the application process in detail – from uploading documents to interviews and signing contracts. 

Application tips: What to consider?

A successful online application should be complete and include all relevant documents. In addition to the completeness of your application documents, a clear, attractive layout and a flawless, readable cover letter are important to us.

In addition, we recommend that you apply directly through our online portal application form. This will not only save you a lot of time, but we will also save you a lot of time. Since your application reaches us directly, it can also be processed quickly.

The application process

How the application process at the Winkelmann Group works:

Apply via the online portal: If you have found a suitable vacancy or want to make an unsolicited application, then upload all relevant documents using the application form on the online portal and submit your application. 

Confirmation of receipt: You receive a confirmation of receipt immediately after we receive your application via our online portal.  

Document review: Your documents will be reviewed by our HR department (the HR Business Partner) and the manager of the relevant department. 

First interview: If you stand out both professionally and personally, we invite you to a first interview. This can take place in person or via video call.

The interview is a chance to get to know you in more detail. We are also happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

Second interview: If you have made a positive impression, we invite you to a second, more in-depth interview. Where possible, you are introduced to your prospective workplace and colleagues. 

Job offer (contract): If you are a suitable candidate, there is nothing stopping us working together. We offer you the job and send you a contract which contains details of your future employment at the Winkelmann Group.  

Sign contract: If you want to accept the offer, sign the contract, and return it to us. And that’s it! Welcome to the team! 

Can’t find a suitable vacancy? Make an unsolicited application!

Skilled employees are always welcome

Do not hesitate to make an unsolicited application if you cannot find a suitable vacancy. We look forward to receiving your application!

FAQs Online applications

How can I apply?

We prefer you apply online via our job portal. Alternatively, simply send us your application by e-mail.

Why does the Winkelmann Group prefer online applications?

Applications received via our online tool can be processed much faster. Therefore, you will receive a reply from us much earlier. The processing time and our response to applications by e-mail may be delayed due to organizational reasons.

How does the online application work?

If possible, make your application using our interactive online application form. Enter all your relevant information and prepare a cover letter explaining why you want a position at the Winkelmann Group. Then upload your resume, important certificates and, if necessary, work samples – preferably as PDF files. Finally, submit your application. 

What application documents are required?

A complete application should contain all your personal data (name, date of birth, address, etc.) as well as your resume, relevant certificates and, if available, references for internships and work samples. Your cover letter is particularly important to us as you should describe why you want to work at the Winkelmann Group. 

In what formats can I upload my files?

We would prefer attachments in PDF format. Alternatively, please submit doc, ppt, jpg or gif files. You can include attachments with a maximum size of 5 MB as part of your online application. A total of five separate attachments can be uploaded.

When can I expect a response to my application?

After your application has been sent, you will receive a confirmation of receipt from us. However, the actual processing of your documents and reviewing your suitability for the role may take some time depending on the position and the number of applications received. If you have any questions or if the processing time seems unusually long, please contact the relevant HR team member who sent you the confirmation of receipt. 

I cannot find a suitable vacancy. Can I also make an unsolicited application?

If none of the vacancies on our job portal are right for you, you can make an unsolicited application at any time. When doing so, please specify your preferred role/responsibilities in your cover letter. Your details will then be considered for new vacancies at the Winkelmann Group. 

Can I submit several applications to the Winkelmann Group at the same time?

In principle, you can apply for different positions at the same time. Your applications will be considered individually for each position. Alternatively, you can prepare an unsolicited application describing your core competencies and we will check to see if your profile matches one of our vacancies. 

If my application is declined, will I be considered for other vacancies?

Your data will remain on our system for six months, in accordance with our privacy policy. We will contact you if we find another suitable position during this time. If you have applied for several positions, please note that a rejection for one role does not affect your other applications. 

How long will Winkelmann Group store my data?

In accordance with our privacy policy, we store a profile for a period of six months. If you wish, we will consider you for other roles during this time. You can revoke your consent to having your data stored any time by e-mail. 

Do you have any questions about your career at the Winkelmann Group?

Contact us

Do you have any further questions about the application process and your career prospects at the Winkelmann Group? Then simply contact us. Our HR team members will be happy to help.

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